Victoria ISD Covid-19 Updates

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COVID-Related Expenses Breakdown

As of October 9, 2020, VISD had a total of $5,281,478 in COVID-related expenses. The chart below shows a breakdown of those expenses. Examples of each category are also listed. The examples are not inclusive of all expenses in the respective category.
Academics/Remote Learning: $1,309,060
(Supplies to mail out remote learning materials, computers, internet)
Payroll (Other): $1,285,588
(Regular pay and overtime pay for employees)
Technology: $1,020,940
Food Services: $805,630
(Food distribution)
Payroll (Premium Pay): $431,072
(Pay for employees who reported when other employees didn’t have to)
Maintenance: $326,117
(Clorox 360, hand sanitizer, water bottle dispensers, plexiglass)
Nursing: $68,564
(PPE, thermometers, hand sanitizer)
Security: $22,045
(Security provided during food and technology distributions)
Communications: $11,441
(Zoom Board meetings, postage for non-instructional items)
Transportation: $1,021
(Distancing signage)
covid expense breakdown