Victoria ISD Covid-19 Updates

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Victoria Regional Juvenile Justice Center

Victoria Regional Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) Plans/Schedules
JJC will be following the Victoria ISD plan to begin school remotely; which for us means students will not come to classrooms but will be taught in the units.

JJC Remote Learning Schedule


Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


A Lunch


B Lunch


Period 6


Period 7


Period 8

Since all students residing in a specific unit follow the same class schedule, students regardless of age or grade level will receive the same core instruction all at the same time which we will refer to as synchronous learning (ie: 2 period unit A has math… teacher will provide group instruction: How to effectively use a calculator to determine radius).
Teachers will also be providing individualized instruction per grade level and subject which we will refer to a asynchronous learning (independent study: students will be sitting outside their individual cells in order to allow for social distancing requirements.Teacher will provide each with his/her grade level math assignment). Teachers will rotate according to the unit schedule for the school day.
All new juvenile detainees are required by state law to be quarantined for 14 days. They are not allowed outside of their individual cell and they are not allowed to participate in the academic program until cleared by the facility medical examiner. The facility will make exceptions to this rule for students with special educational needs who, by TEA mandates, must be enrolled by the second day of incarceration.
We will enroll, set up ARD meeting and provide packet learning for those days in quarantine and officers will relay questions and or concerns to teaching staff as no education staff is allowed in the quarantine unit. JJC will follow the Victoria ISD academic plan throughout the year with plans to re-open, and we expect to be providing full day synchronous learning by September 7, 2020.