2023 SOTD

On Wednesday, April 12, business leaders experienced a different State of the District presentation at the April Chamber luncheon. Local business leaders gathered to hear the State of the District presentation but instead were joined by elementary students, first, second, and third grade, and middle school students who lead a hands-on assignment for attendees.  

The State of the District presentation began with an overview of the design process used at our STEM choice campuses. Attendees were given a real-world problem, asked a driving question, and were charged with imaging, planning, creating, testing, and improving their projects. Afterward, they reflected on their design and choices. Attendees essentially did exactly what our students are doing day in and day out in the classroom.  

The best part was that students were there to answer questions, guide them through the design project and challenge the decisions attendees made. 

"It was interesting to see that the community members had a different complete thought process than what I did,” said sixth grader Alana Y. “I was super impressed with the product they built using the materials they had, and I found it intriguing that through the engineering design process, we were able to accomplish the same goals.”

We believe that it is important for students to be involved in important events such as this, as it provides them a platform to share what they are learning and their academic achievements in VISD. 

Superintendent of Schools Quintin Shepherd also provided several notable accomplishments of the school district, including the increases in the number of students participating in Advanced Placement courses, the increase in the number of dual credit students increases in Career and Tech Education involvement, and improved graduation rates. 

The State of the District presentation provided attendees with valuable insights into the current state and future direction of the Victoria Independent School District. As a result of the event, local business leaders are better equipped to support the district's efforts to provide an exceptional education to all students.

We are committed to creating a student-centered educational environment, and this initiative will also empower our students to become active and engaged citizens.

To watch the State of the District, visit the Victoria ISD on YouTube or CLICK HERE.